07 September 2011

Back to Normal (?)...
hooray for electricity! 

   Well, after an Earthquake, a Hurricane, and being without electricity for 6 days, my life has returned to normal.  Not that that implies calm and quiet, just regular, everyday, run-of-the-mill distractions and disruptions...rarely involving Mother Nature.  Hopefully, whatever happens in the near future I will be able to face with strength, courage, lights, hot water and a fresh pot of coffee...!


  1. Let's pray that you are finished for a while with all the excitement!!
    We are keeping you in our prayers!

    Note Cards and Photos by Theresa

  2. So glad life has returned to normal for you. There sure has been a lot happening! Hopefully it will be 'smooth sailing' for a while!

  3. wow, you have really weathered some tough times, I hope everything stays calm for you now

  4. Electricity is a good thing that's for sure. We fared pretty well we were only out for 4 days this time. In the past it's been up to a week or more. Let's hope we are done with hurricane and earthquake season.

  5. 6 days!! Glad your electricity is back and life is getting back to normal. What an odd month August was with earthquake, hurricane, and lots of rain!

  6. Thank you all for kind thoughts and words...makes you wonder how we got so hooked on convenience we can't live without it! btw...last nights news was calling for a flood alert. Someone in Richmond has really aggravated Mother Nature!

  7. Thank goodness you've weathered those storms and your power is back on!