03 November 2011

I'm Back...
   I had to take some time off from blogging to get my little shops ready for the Holidays.  Besides doing some general cleaning and straightening, I had to finish up some new deigns and get then off to the fabric printer. But now I'm back and have a lot of reading to do to see what all of you were doing during my absence.  Can't wait!

19 October 2011

Word! Wednesday
       ...and, no, I am not a politician!       

14 October 2011

Silver Spoon Babies

   If you know a baby that should have been born with a Silver Spoon in it's mouth ...but by the luck of the draw wasn't;  I have the solution for you!  The newest item in my shop is a soft, fleece Silver Spoon rattle kit that can be personalized for any lucky little baby.  It doesn't take a seamstress to make.  Just one little seam around the perimeter ( by machine or hand ), a little stuffing  and any baby can be born with "A Silver Spoon in His (or Her ) Mouth! 
back of spoon

13 October 2011

Team Work...Pasque Flower Creations
           LeAnn, owner of  Pasque Flower Creations, is a team member of mine on The Etsy Blog Team. which is the largest blog team on Etsy.  LeAnn is also a team member of mine on Blogging Grannies. We are blogging Buddies.. She is an accomplished quilter, which figures since she lives in Lincoln, Nebraska  (home of The International Quilt Study Center and Museum).  She readily admits to being a fabric fanatic, which becomes obvious when you go to her shop and see the wonderful fabric she chooses to make children's clothes and baby blankets.
            I love these little Trick or Treat bags she made...and the fun fabrics she used!  I was also impressed with the photos of LeAnn's mini bags and her Halloween photo props..  I asked my family once to bring home a bag of candy corn to use in some Halloween photos.I was taking.  Needless to say they never made it to the light box.  I admire a woman who has the self control not to eat her photo props ( or at least to wait till the pictures are taken)!    Visit her shop and her blog!  I'll probably be there too.            .       

12 October 2011

A Not-Very-Scary Halloween Costume

         Okay, who wants to be a cell phone for Halloween?...put your hands down, I didn't say who WANTS a cell phone, I said who wants to BE a cell phone!  This free printable can be made into a T-shirt for.popping over a sweat shirt or jacket and...voila!, a cell phone!  Just get yourself some T-shirt Transfer paper from your local craft or business supply store, follow the directions, and you're ready to celebrate..I have the printable in reverse image here, which you will probably need
       Great for a little one who is too shy or not quite ready to say those magic words...since "Trick or Treat' is already in text on the phone (and just for good manners, "Thank u").  I also have the printable in a straight forward form. which you could print and glue to a paper grocery bag, cut arm holes, and a head hole, and you have a great last-minute costume.  Enjoy!

       This was featured on the delightful blog http://www.hideousdreadfulstinky.com/....take a peek!

10 October 2011

Dancing Skeletons...Free Printable  
         I have posted this free printable down loadable here. Its a little articulated skeleton that comes with accessories, so you can dress him (or her up).  It requires a piece of cardstock and eight little brads. Enjoy!.