12 October 2011

A Not-Very-Scary Halloween Costume

         Okay, who wants to be a cell phone for Halloween?...put your hands down, I didn't say who WANTS a cell phone, I said who wants to BE a cell phone!  This free printable can be made into a T-shirt for.popping over a sweat shirt or jacket and...voila!, a cell phone!  Just get yourself some T-shirt Transfer paper from your local craft or business supply store, follow the directions, and you're ready to celebrate..I have the printable in reverse image here, which you will probably need
       Great for a little one who is too shy or not quite ready to say those magic words...since "Trick or Treat' is already in text on the phone (and just for good manners, "Thank u").  I also have the printable in a straight forward form. which you could print and glue to a paper grocery bag, cut arm holes, and a head hole, and you have a great last-minute costume.  Enjoy!

       This was featured on the delightful blog http://www.hideousdreadfulstinky.com/....take a peek!

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