22 August 2011

Off to Middle School...Good Bye Super Heroes

My grandson, Joe, is off to Middle School. I believe he is a little anxious about the transition, not knowing exactly what to expect. But he is sure about one thing...a Middle School student cannot have a "Baby Room". So, we are cleaning, painting, bringing in a new desk, a recliner (yard sale special), and new bedding. And it's out with the Spiderman sheets, the Incredibles rug, the Batman clock (and lamp), the retro wall posters, and my favorite, the Pez Shadow Box (above). I can't even count the number of convenience stores I had to go to to find the different Pez Super Heroes. Good Bye baby room...Hello Middle School!


  1. Ahh what a sweet grandma you are! I have a grandaughter starting kindergarten tomorrow. My how time flies!
    Judy K.

  2. Hold on to that shadow box. More likely than not, he'll think it's cool again in his 20s.
    (or list it on etsy--I bet it would sell :)

  3. Look at those Pez guys. They have stood the test of time. I agree, hang onto them. Sounds like he has a cool room now.

  4. They grow up SO FAST!! (Someday your big guy grandson will treasure that Pez collection, though!)

    My baby girl started teaching this week--her first year in Teach for America. Our oldest granddaughter asked me to make her a graduation quilt. That was a heart stopper!

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