18 August 2011

Move Over Cupcakes...It's Time For A Pie Revolution

              I come from a long line of pie bakers and at an early age I learned to love and appreciate pie..Later in life, when I realized that the DNA for making pies had not been passed on to me, I learned to love and appreciate pie bakers.
             So when professional baker Kim of Chocolatesbykim, stated that cupcakes have had their 15 minutes of fame and we were in for a Pie Revolution, I rushed to signed up for the front line (actually I  rushed to signed up for Kim's Pie give-away).

            The Pie Revolution starts here with Kim's family recipe for pie crust and then I'm doing my part with a free printable Pie Recruiting Poster.  We won't give up until we see the cupcakes waving a white flag!  Let them eat Pie!
                                           Pie Crust

                                            2 cups flour
                                            1 cup shortening
                                            2 shakes of salt
                                            1 Tblsp sugar
                                            1/8 tsp cinnamon
                                            ****throw everything in a Tupperware container and shake
                                                    the hell out of it (sorry, but that's how professional bakers talk).
                                            add just enough ice water to hold it all together.  Stir gently until a
                                            ball forms, pat it into a disc, wrap in plastic and chill for at least an
                                            hour.  This allows the gluten to relax (and the cook).
                                            ** Never roll out pie crust more than twice-preferably only once.
                                                 The gluten will get overworked, and more flour is added due
                                                  the rolling.

       Free Printable Pie Poster
                                         Click and download                        approx. 8X10


  1. Just make a graham cracker crust! Use a mallot to crush the graham crackers. You will feel so much better after making a pie!

    Actually, I aspire to make light flaky crusts as well. I am going to try the one that uses vodka! Pioneer woman has recently had a contest for a pie workshop weekend at her cabin. I so wish that I would have won!

  2. Mmmm...pie, cupcakes! You've awoken my sweet tooth :)

  3. Pie is home. People always come home!

  4. KK'
    My DIL sent me that recipe...I'm no puritan but I don't ever have Vodka in the house. Tell the guy at the ABC store I'm buying this to make pie crusts (I can see the eyes rolling now!). lol

  5. That little mini pie looks amazing! I'll take pie over cupcakes any day.

  6. AsteropeBC

    Okay! Here's a fork...our main weapon in the Pie Revolution!

  7. That is BRILLIANT! I think I'll make it for my book club dessert--cute, small, individual (just like me!)

  8. I love pie! Especially fruit ones-I can trick myself into believing I can indulge more because, after all, they are fruit!! I am a new follower. Here's my blog if you would like to do the same!


  9. I'm with you. Cupcakes are nice and it's time to move over for pie! Love this post!

  10. I love pie, but I never mastered crust. My mom made an incredible pie crust that included egg and vinegar. I visited a terrific pie shop in Brooklyn last weekend, Four & Twenty Blackbirds. It is owned by two young sisters from Hecla, SD, who use their grandma's pie crust recipe, and develop sometimes non-traditional fillings. We had caramel apple pie and my son said it was the bet pie he ever ate.

  11. The little pie is making me drool right now!! I am not much of a baker, a cook, maybe, but not a baker!
    I am sure that I will enjoy your blog. Please check mine out also.