02 October 2011

Friendly Reminder...Free Monsters Giveaway!

     Not to seem pushy...but here are the Monsters peering out of a candy dish and looking for a new home  ( the fourth one stayed tucked in the darling plaid bag).  The drawing is a week from today (October 9th)...and you are entered if you like me on my page on Facebook  Now that the commercial is over, back to the show.
     These are my hand painted, hand crafted Halloween candy dishes (just some painted up tin planter liners and wooden candle sticks glued together). I actually have three, which is 2 1/2 too many for all my Trick or Treat candy.  But I figure that you never can have too many Halloween candy dishes (besides they were fun to make!).                                           


  1. This candy dish is just adorable! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and following along. I look forward to visiting often!
    ~Grandma Kringle

  2. Oh yes, I have already liked your FB because those little critters are adorable. Your candy dishes are great, you are very artistic

  3. Thanks, Grandma Kringle! Are you any relation to Kris...?

  4. I've already entered! The little guys are too cute!

  5. very cute!