25 September 2011

Hello Fall!
           This is a picture from many Falls ago when I used to spend my weekends painting pumpkins for pocket change at the local pumpkin farm.  I also had a large wholesale business supplying painted pumpkins to local florists and specialty food stores.  My picture was in the Richmond newspaper every Fall because I was so darn cute, sitting and painting, surrounded by these goofy guys ( more likely, they were probably so darn cute...and I looked sorta goofy)..
           I gave it up when my husband and I got tired of lugging pumpkins.  Pumpkins are HEAVY!   I swore if I ever painted large quantities of anything again it would be marbles!  Anyway, I keep this picture on my mantel, along with the family portraits.


  1. I love your painted pumpkins! Those are really cute!!

  2. Well, you were certainly good at painting the pumpkins, they are awesome. I can see how having to carry them around would get tiresome fast.

  3. Thank you! It was great fun, in sort of a bizarre way.