14 August 2011

A DIY Puppet Stand
    I love puppets. I like giving them at baby showers.  I think they are great fun for babies.  But the best thing about babies and puppets is that the person operating the puppet has just as much fun!  I've seen introverted people, intimidated by little babies, become toe tasters and belly ticklers just by putting a puppet on their hand.  I've seen starched and proper folk turn into Jim Henson wannabees, talking like they've been sucking on helium, and singing like the BeeGees!  Babies must get a kick out of that.
  The problem is that once the hand is removed from a puppet, there isn't much left, and it ends up hugging the bottom of the toy box.  When my grandson, Joe, was born and I started making and collecting puppets for him, my son solved that problem by designing a very simple puppet stand. It was great for both storing and displaying the puppets.  So, here's what he came up with; I think it's brilliant (and cheap).


  1. What a clever idea! My kids loved puppets when they were young. The spoon holders would have been perfect! : )

  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.